Our Pre-School

Our Pre-School


We currently have 5 preschool classes with up to 25 children per class.

  1. Bee class – Babies up to 1 year olds
  2. Hasie class – Potty trainers (1-2year olds)
  3. Bird class – 2-3 year olds
  4. Duck class – 3-4 year olds
  5. Butterfly class – Grade RR (4-5 year olds)



Our preschool children follow a perceptual program on a daily basis, with a specific theme per week.  Every week, the children learn a new song, rhyme and Bible song.

We also do Smart Brain, which encourages Emergent Reading skills and broadens general knowledge.

Kinderkinetics is also part of our curriculum and all children from the baby class participate on a weekly basis.

The perceptual program focuses on developing the following skills:

  • Fine motor
  • Gross motor
  • Language
  • Social
  • Sensory
  • Thinking
  • Mathematical
  • Body image
  • Shape concept
  • Spatial development

Extra-curricular activities

  • Soccersize – 3 years up to Primary
  • Computer Creche
  • Swim Kidz

Our Pre-School Uniforms