Our School

Oriah Pre-and Primary School is committed to being a provider and developer of an individualized and unique education system.

Mission Statement

We will endeavour to use our expertise and knowledge to provide a comprehensive, quality based education system.

Oriah Pre-and Primary School is committed to excellence in education.  We commit ourselves to working co-operatively together as partners with the community to facilitate the growth of our learners intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically and to create respect for our environment and multicultural society.

To accomplish this, we employ suitably qualified staff, who make use of the most innovative materials and modern technology available.

Our school doors are open to all culture groups, provided they commit to uphold the rules and regulations stipulated in the constitution set out by Oriah Pre-and Primary School.

Oriah Vision

At Oriah we strive to develop each child’s full potential. We do this through instilling Christian values and standards. We teach our learners love, to treat people and things as valuable, to do the right thing at the right time, to be accountable for their actions, to be dependable and to stand up for what they believe in.

Oriah has quality teachers and sufficient facilities to guide our learners in the development of their full potential. Our parents are an important part and play an integral role in achieving this.

School Emblem

Oriah means Light of God

Our motto is Light of Knowledge

Our School’s History

The building housing Oriah, previously known as Kleuterland, was built approximately 40 years ago. In 1997 we took over Kleuterland Nursery School with babies of 3 months up to Grade R.  In 2014 we took a giant leap to start with a Primary school in 2015. We were also very priviledged to buy and renovate the adjacent house as part of the extended school, now known as Oriah Pre-and Primary School.

In 2015 the first Grade 1 class, with 25 learners, opened. Our plan is to add one grade per year, until we have Grade R up to Grade 7 in 2021.